Diamond Hands

Crypto cripples are the legends struck by multiple claps of thunder from the usual yet scary cryptocurrency market crashes. Cripples were lucky enough to believe in cryptocurrency at the right time and HODLed some at early times. The Crypto market rose to the skies, and Cripples saw the profits like never seen before, but they didn't stop believing and vowed to HODL it for eternity. Then a day came, and the market crashed back to its origins, leaving the Cripples with trembling hands and shaky legs. Still, they never stopped BELIEVING. They HODLed what they could and continued with their dream. Times passed, and the cripples survived many such thunderstorms. Finally, their shaky legs couldn't bear the burden and they became crippled, but their Diamond hands never let go. Legend has it that they are still HODLing to this day.

The story doesn't end here. Even with their crippled forms, they have vowed to stick true to their plan. As the conditions again become favorable (which they eventually always do), the Crypto Cripples will reignite their passion and delve more deeply into the crypto world.

Cripple NFTs



First Part

The releasing of the first batch of 30 Crypto Cripples random, rare, and exclusive NFT's, and partnering with the GameFi platforms for integrating NFT characters in their games with exclusive and elite private online parties for Crypto Cripple HODLers.


Second Part

Upcoming 30 more NFTs. The benefits are Premium Discord channel membership for CC HODLers, AMA with the Crypto Cripple team, and knowledge of growth hacking through influencers and market-leading traders, and the Design competition for a single unique Crypto Cripples NFT.


Third Part

Forthcoming rest 40 NFTs with the staking/lending NFTs for passive earning. The Crypto Cripple merchandise (T-shirts, caps, and more), further rewards, and bonuses for the die-hards of Crypto Cripple HODLers. Additional GameFi and marketplaces integration and more parties.